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Disiclin Zen Floor Cleaner

Disiclin Zen Floor Cleaner



This Disiclin Zen cleaner is an ideal choice for those in search of a high-quality cleaning solution for their home.


• Powerful Multipurpose Cleaner

• Ideal for Cleaning Floors


With a capacity of 1 litre, this cleaner is perfect to keep your home fresh and clean. The Disiclin Zen Multipurpose/Floor Cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces and floors, making it an ideal all-purpose cleaning solution.


• Effective on Multiple Surfaces

• Suitable for All-Purpose Usage


The citric formula not only cleans your home but also leaves behind a refreshing scent that will make you feel energized throughout the day. This easy-to-use cleaner can be used with regular mops or in spray bottles, making it perfect to fit into any house cleaning routine.


• Citric Formula Leaves Behind Refreshing Scent

In conclusion, the Disiclin Zen Multipurpose/Floor Cleaner is an excellent choice that will leave your floors and surfaces spotless and smelling fresh.

Similar in fragrance to a popular mens aftershave (Savage)

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