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Disiclin Floral Multipurpose/Floor cleaner

Disiclin Floral Multipurpose/Floor cleaner


The Disiclin Floral Multipurpose/Floor Cleaner is a must-have household cleaning solution for a sparkling clean home. This 1 liter bottle is perfect for all your cleaning needs, from floors to surfaces.

• Multipurpose: This cleaner can be used in multiple applications, making it a versatile addition to your home cleaning arsenal.

• Floor Cleaning: The Disiclin Floral Multipurposel Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for floor cleaning and can effectively remove tough stains and dirt.

• Floral Scent: The cleaner has a pleasant floral fragrance that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.


Simply dilute the cleaner in water as per the instructions on the bottle and use it on floors or surfaces. Its powerful formula removes dirt effectively, leaving no residue behind.


• Gentle on Surfaces: Despite its effective formula, this multipurpose/floor cleaner is gentle on surfaces such as marble or ceramic tiles ensuring longevity of your floor surfaces while keeping them clean

• Eco-friendly: It's made of naturally derived ingredients making it environmentally friendly so that you can keep both yourself and the planet safe while keeping up with household chores


The Disiclin Floral Multipurpose/Floor Cleaner has got you covered with its powerful yet gentle formula that leaves no residue behind!


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