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Asevi Oxy Stain Remover Gel

Asevi Oxy Stain Remover Gel



Powerful stain remover: Asevi Oxy Gel is a high-efficiency stain remover gel with active oxygen that effectively removes all types of stains on white and coloured clothing. Effective in cold water and in short cycles.


Bleach-Free Formula: Our bleach-free formula is gentle on fabrics and safe on colours, but at the same time, offers a deep and effective clean.


Whiter whites and brighter colours: Thanks to the synergistic blend of oxygenated whiteners and surfactants, Asevi Oxy Gel keeps your whites more radiant and your colours more vivid.

Eliminates bad odours: In addition to removing stains, our stain remover helps eliminate bad odours, leaving your clothes fresh and clean.


Large Capacity: With 1100ml of product, Asevi Oxy Gel is an economical and durable option to keep your clothes spotless and stain-free. Perfect for home or commercial use.


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